Spring Cleaning Your House Exterior

Your house will have collected a lot of clutter after the winter and it is always a good idea to clean and organize it for the coming warm months. There are many areas which we tend to neglect when it comes to cleaning. This includes your exterior walls. We hardly make any changes to them but they collect dust and dirt over the years causing the surface to look old. You can use a pressure washer to clean away the grime and dirt off the walls. You can also use a cleaner that is recommended for the texture of the surface you’re cleaning.

You can also repair or renew your water tank depending on its age and the condition. You can find water tank pumps for sale if you’re looking to renew the system. Otherwise, you can empty out the water tank and clean the debris inside. You should also clean the gutters. These will have collected twigs and leaves over the autumn and winter seasons. Downspouts should be checked for clogs as well. There will be some rainfall in the warmer seasons so it’s your responsibility to make sure there is efficient drainage. You can help this by clearing away shrubs and dead plants near the house. Trees with branches extending up to electricity lines must be trimmed.
Driveway and sidewalks should be maintained as well. You can remove weeds growing on the driveway and clean the path of dirt and grime by using a pressure washer. A concrete resurface can patch any cracks on the concrete. Timber decks also need regular maintenance. You can apply a specially made deck cleaner in a pump up sprayer and clean the deck with a pressure washer or a scrub brush. Once the deck is rinsed, it should be allowed to dry. A clean and well maintained backyard will make it easier for you to have a backyard party with outdoor ovens or grills. The grill has to be cleaned as well with a wire brush and a degreasing detergent. The burners on the grill have to be inspected for rust before you clean it.
Window screens need a thorough cleaning by soaking them in a pool of soapy water and gentle scrubbing. Your roof needs attention as well. You should examine it for missing or damaged shingles so that you can carry out replacement or repairs. Exposed nail heads should be covered with roofing cement. Inspect the flashing around chimneys and other openings that may give rise to a leak. You can also clean out your windows by using a half and half mixture of white vinegar and water. Try to use a crumpled newspaper to dry the windows instead of paper towels.