Getting Dressed Up For A Special Occasion

When it’s time for a family wedding or anniversary, there’s a lot of pressure on all guests to look good. If you’re extremely close to the couple getting married, or are the sibling of one of them, you need to dress to stand out! You need to get preparing and working on your outfit weeks prior to the big day and if you have to stick to a theme, do so fashionably. Listed below are a few ideas to help you with your outfit for the special day!


You’ll need to seek inspiration. This is the first step to look good and different. Inspiration can be gained from many sources such as social media, from your environment or even within yourself. Take your time to sift through the different areas from where inspiration can be gained and make a decision. Using your decision, you can gain an idea of what your outfit ought to look like and how you can accessorise and present yourself on the day. 

Sticking to the theme

Special occasions rarely come without a specific theme. When a theme is set, you can use it to your advantage by narrowing down your outfit by colour. This is where you’ll decide if you’ll put your grey suit to use or opt for a different colour. Make sure you talk to the other groomsmen and family members to double check if the outfits match and yours isn’t too different. You can opt to pick a tie or bow tie the colour of theme or go without.

Preparing your outfit

Don’t leave any part of the item for last minute, prepare and keep it ready at least 3 days before the day of the event. If there are any rehearsal dinners before the actual wedding, you can always purchase mens embroidered shirts to give yourself a smart yet a casual look. Get your outfit pressed and iron professional so as to avoid any mishaps right before the event. Get your shoes, cufflinks and tie everything ready.


Next it’s time to focus on the extras, such as watches, perfume and your hairstyle. These extras are what complete your outfit, so give yourself some time and thought onto these little things. Aim to always stand out from the crowd, but not in a negative manner. Your outfit reflects your personality, so be vary of what you wear!

These are a few factors to consider when you’re getting ready for a special occasion and have to give a lot of thought to your outfit!